Our Software

BEST Automated Precision Flow Cytometry Analysis Software

  1. Current methods for analyzing flow cytometry data are slow and inconsistent. Scientists frequently spend days or weeks manually drawing around presumed cellular populations, which may change sample to sample. Furthermore, the results are frequently inconsistent within labs, and ever more difficult to reproduce across labs.
  2. These difficulties paralyze the efficiency and progress of a project, and the effect is particularly damaging when high-throughput is a must.
  3. In 2017, we believed that there must have been a new way to efficiently and precisely analyze flow cytometry data accurately across a large number of samples
  4. We have a dedicated team of highly skilled scientists and software developers, representing decades of research and programming experience, to address THIS PROBLEM.
  5. The result is the Cellcion Cytometry Analysis Software Suite.
  • Our approach is brand new
  • Our platform is cutting edge
  • Our efficiency is unprecedented
  • Our results are phenomenal


Considerable time savings can be realized by boosting the efficiency of your scientific analyses. Many of today’s more sophisticated flow cytometers require extensive analysis time, which often far exceeds the time required to actually generate the data. We understand the needs of basic research and clinical scientists, which was the inspiration for our product.